About me

Hello World!

My name is Mary Kinuthia. My friends call me Mary Keɪ (just as the letter K sounds) and my Heavenly Father calls me the apple of His eye. You should get to know Him 🙂

I’m an ardent believer in the finished work of the cross. I now get to live a new life because Christ paid the price and is alive in me. It is for this reason that I would consider life void and boring if I so tried living without intimately knowing Christ and hearing the Holy Spirit. As a lamp without oil, a pen without ink and a car without gas, so is a life without Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I love to write. You can consider this platform an extension of my numerous notebooks and journals filled with ideas, inspiration, and lessons I derive from my day-in-day-out activities and encounters .

The ancient Solomon said that wisdom calls out in the street and raises her voice in the market place. How numerous then, is the volume of the wisdom we can accumulate from the world around us if we paid close attention. In the attempt to actualize the words of the wisest King, I have found myself easily inspired by nature, events, circumstance and people who see the glass half full and go the extra mile. This has not been without my intentional love for gazillion things including reading, historical events, fashion, photography, deco, biographies, good food, serving others, nature, travelling, music… err like I said, they are gazillion so the list endless. They broaden my perspective and stir up hope.

As I share my daily walk, I hope to get you and a vast army of us stirred to a renewed state of mind, a new walk and eventually an acquired momentum to run and mount up higher and higher steadfast in truth!

The Word is the foundation of every truth ingested and then shared herein. You see, a lie cannot be called a lie unless it is put against a truth. The Word is my plumb line in examining daily opinions, suggestions, philosophies, doctrines and erroneous thought processes that i’m confronted with on a daily basis. My view and emphasis is, regardless of how we feel, or think, or how corrupt the world we live in has become, if you and I stick to the plumb line, our house will end up straight, that is, your life and mine.

Enjoy the sharing. Let me hear from you as we relate and as new friendships take formation along the way. Feel free to leave your views on the comment section, i will gladly receive and read them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. God Bless.

Mary Keɪ 🙂

10 thoughts on “About me

    1. Greetings Kelly Grace. Whoa! Its a blessing to connect with you too. I love what you’re doing and how the Lord is speaking through you to this generation. Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


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