Defining purpose in a name

I’m a firm believer that there is much more to a person’s name than just getting a trendy or fancy name for a new born.

The bible shows this to be true as God changed Abram’s name to Abraham marking the beginning of the future that God had in store for him. Abraham’s name means the father of multitudes. Though Abraham had no offspring at the time God changed his name, he took up this new identity by faith and lived it out, and as you can tell, his descendants lives on to date.

Jesus Christ, John the baptist, Josiah, Ishamael, Isaac and Solomon are some of great characters in the bible whose names were prophesied before time. God had a specific assignment for their lives as hinted in their name meaning. For instance;

Solomon’s name means “peace” . He was born in a time when God had promised rest and the building of the temple (1 Chr 22:8-9)

Isaiah prophesied about Jesus, said he would be called Emmanuel meaning “God with us” (Isa 7:14) and He indeed lives in us!

Josiah whose name means “Jehovah will support”  had his name and assignment laid out many years before birth. He would destroy high places and alters of idolatry during his reign (1 Kings 13:1–3)

I would go on and on, but following my understanding on the relevance of names given to children, I wrote the article below and was published in one of Kenya’s popular newspaper;

Click this link to download and read People Daily Ke article by Mary Kinuthia

Enjoy the read!

Mary K.