What is your Hebrews 11 Faith story?

Faith is not wishful thinking. Neither is it something you switch on and off during a time of need or convenience. It is a walk and a lifestyle seen in our daily acts of obedience in reverence to God’s word. We cannot please God because of how successful or charismatic one is while acting out of His word. This kind of success is credited to one’s personal determination and ambition.

We please God is by living by faith founded on His Word! True pursuit of faith is sought by sons of God; those who are in a relationship with the Father, commune with Him daily and are in pursuit to know the rewarder (God) more than they are motivated to seek the rewards from Him.

This got me thinking. If we, the modern-day-bible believing Christians were to re-write the bible chapter of Hebrews 11, what would our life story reveal about what faith is?  What would your story be? Here are some of past testimonies from few years back shared by my faith circle:

By faith we cheerfully and willingly gave towards missions, also partnering in labour in the great commission, because we esteemed the preaching of the good news to the poor better than accumulating wealth for our own personal ambitions, pleasure and projects only.

By faith we diligently modeled Christ to our children through family devotions, encouraging active participation in the local church and teaching them the ways of the Lord. We believed children are a heritage from God and it is a divine call for every parent to raise a godly offspring for God (Deu 6:5-9).

By faith we rightly divided the word of truth without drifting into enticing words and perverted doctrine to draw followers and congregants to self. We believed in the divine sufficiency of grace knowing that what Jesus had started in our lives and ministry, He would bring to completion without having to fake anything or perfect by our own humanly works. What was begun by the Spirit would be perfected by the same Spirit of God.

By faith we waited on God and He gave us godly families just as he gave Shiphrah and Puah who walked in the fear the Lord (Exo 1:15-22)

By faith we remained faithful to our walk of faith and calling, even when we did not see instant results knowing that as we continuously plant and water, God in his time would bring the increase (1 Cor 3:6).

By faith we addressed our personality weaknesses, fear, rejection, failures, intimidation, addictions and self-esteem issues by prayers believing His grace stands out in our weakness (2 Cor 15:9). We believed in Him who is able to use the seemingly weak things to shame the wise and He did (1 Cor 1:27)

By faith, we forgave our offenders, accusers and enemies without having to send anything back to sender because we have tasted of His unconditional love and hate cannot find a place in us (Luke 6:27, 35). We couldn’t help but love them back, trusting in God’s justice system for He is a righteous judge (Ps 89:14).

By faith we refused to give brides to the corrupt road officers, choosing to spend the night in a prison cell and refusing to compromise our integrity. We believed God as a deliverer and a present help in trouble just as He was with Joseph, Daniel, Shadrack, Misheck and Abednego.

By faith we traveled far and wide to spend time in God’s presence, putting on hold personal plans, missing out big business and latest TV shows, because we believed a day in his presence (or a night or a week at church conference) is better than a thousand days in the office, watching soccer or playing video games.

By faith we served faithfully in our local church, not out of compulsion or with a need for recognition. But because we believed greatness in God’s Kingdom is reflected through servanthood and faithful stewardship. We believed God as the only rewarder and upholder of the humble (I Pet 5:5b).

By faith we obeyed the call to plant a church trusting Jesus as the builder and that He would draw church members (sons)to Himself when glorified.


The Just shall live by faith…Rom 1:17


Every small act of faith matters. It begins at the size of a small mustard seed and grows to a huge tree that provides shelter for others. Do you have a Hebrews 11 modern-day-faith story? Believe the Word! Live it! see what happens

© Copyright 2019 – Mary K.

My all time fave says it better in lyrics: The Blessing by John Waller

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