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The truth about the great commission is…

The local church is as a womb that provides spiritual nourishment and spiritual renewal constantly recharging the believers’ faith. This process is not in full effect if ever the great commission is bypassed by a church.

This month, my local church, Uzima Centre, has spent considerable time praying, planning and labouring (both physical and spiritually in prayer) in hosting a five days Tent Meeting Crusade at Ruiru City Stadium, Kiambu County. Here are some of the practical truths about the great commission i have learnt from my active participation of the ongoing 2019 Tent Meeting planning and those held in the past:

The genesis…

During His ministry here on earth, Jesus called the twelve disciples to be with Him, and then sent them out into all nations, giving them power and authority over All devils and commanded them to Heal the sick (Luke 9:1).  He laid down the model for the great commission which applies to His disciples today.

The truth about the great commission is that…

  1. You have to be with Him.

Mary sat at His feet, John rested on His bosom, while Peter, James, John and Matthew took up apprenticeship when they followed Jesus without much hesitation, even when it meant their profession would be at stake. Read your bible and pray every day sounds cliché, but the truth is that nobody has ever grown spiritually, received power, authority and commissioning without having spent a considerable time with Jesus (The Word) and serving under another’s authority. The sons of Sceva attempted their own one-day-self-appointing-and-commissioning but ended up with a thorough beating from the devil (Acts 19:11-20). The truth is that, you have to be planted in a local church where you are grounded in the Word and matured in Christ.

Uzima Centre Sunday worship, Equip & Leadership training program and worship training 

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Photo Credit: Uzima Centre , media team

2. You are not your own provider lest you glory in your own provision.

In Luke 9:3 Jesus forbade them not to take anything for their journey. The great commission is not a personal project but a God-given assignment in a set time and season. I am yet to see a kingdom vision that doesn’t require Faith in God. Truth is that, every God given vision may look intimidating but it calls for total dependence on God. The harvest is His, and so are the laborers and resources. We have access to them by prayer (Matt 9:37-38)

Uzima Centre believers labouring in Tent Meeting ground preparation, Ruiru City Stadium

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Photo Credit: Uzima Centre , media team

3. It takes a leap, stretch and exercise of faith.

Resources are spent for the mission, the invitations and fliers are sent out, numerous prayers are made, other mission distracting appointments are cancelled, family dinners are sacrificially missed, like the sower the seed of Word of God is scattered and an alter call is made. No one has the script of the final turn-out of events but God. The minister can do as much as believing, exercising faith and trusting God for a greater harvest by banking on the written and rhema (spoken) word until it is established. I have known our faith to waver but never has it been the nature of God to lie. The great commission is a call to step out of the boat like Peter at His command.

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Photo Credit: Uzima Centre , media team

4. It brings unity among the believers.

The early church embodied unity in serving together, reaching out and the results were tremendous (Acts 2:41-47). It takes humility to submit to another person’s kingdom vision and make it happen while yours is still on a-burning-heart-desire-stage 😉 . Just as Jesus submitted to God’s plan of redemption and the church submits to Christ, the believers are to submit to their appointed authority in church. Also, unity among believers brings an understanding that every person is a significant part of the body of Christ, whether seen or unseen. It is then that together they can accomplish much, attract a godly blessing and together make up a fixed dwelling place for God by His spirit.

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5. It’s the fulfillment of the command to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue and have dominion (Gen 1:28)

Reaching out is about adding into God’s ever increasing kingdom. The command to multiply is not only limited to procreation. All newly born-again believers who come to Christ are likened to a baby (I Peter 2:2). They grow from milk to meat after proper feeding of the word, becoming the light and salt to the world, a fragrance in this polluted world and a river that refreshes many.


Uzima Centre Tent meeting dates & Sunday School and Service

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Photo Credit: Uzima Centre , media team

© Copyright 2019 – Mary K.

If you so find yourself in Ruiru, Kiambu County (Kenya) on a Sunday, Uzima Centre Church, The Thika Road Church of Distinction, will be glad to worship together with you !

Tent Meeting crusade: 31st July – 4th Aug 2019 Join us!

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