The Father’s Heart

I spent a considerable part of my last week/weekend at my local church in a conference themed “Agape”. Of course love was the subject matter, but the Agape love; love which is of and from God. Listening through from day one (Wed) to the last day (Sun), the Agape love became a sure reality, especially on the Father’s heart. I always thought I knew everything!?…ok, almost everything that has to do with this love! But no! Our mere minds cannot comprehend the breadth, length, depth and height of the love of God. Neither can we use those dimensions (breadth x length x depth x height) to calculate His love for us because it is limitless.

We’ve heard the parable of the prodigal son countless times huh? (Luke 15:11-31). I love that part where this lost son comes back to his senses; admits he blew it, begins thinking of going back home, and meditates how he’ll strike a deal with his father, on working as a minimum-wage servant for his father so that he can prove that he learnt his lesson. This usually sounds like the touchy part in the parable, but it’s because we tend to focus more on the son than the father.

Well, now this is the touchiest part 🙂 . The tender-hearted father spots a lonesome figure that resembles his son, runs towards him, embraces and kisses him. Again…it is the father who runs toward the son. The son then begins by identifying himself to the father as “worthless”, but is cut-short before presenting the “servant-part” of the deal (Luke 15:21-22). However, the father sees so much worth in the very same worn-out son, and clothes him with honor (best robe, ring and shoes).

Jesus is not just telling a nice parable to entertain, but He is revealing the nature and heart of our heavenly Father. You know those prodigal son moments when we tend to feel so lame, blind, dumb, worthless…and we are like, “how could I not see that coming?” “how could I be so blind?” “how could i say that?” “how could I not ace that exam?” The good news is that, Jesus did not come for the perfect/ righteous/ blameless or upright, but for lame people like you and I, who know that apart from Him we can do nothing (Matthew 15:30). Our heavenly Father is passionately in love with sinful, insignificant, rebellious, and frequently indifferent people who come crawling back to him, even after a season of compromise. He does not write us off because His love is constant and His mercies are new daily!

Similarly, nothing ignites and empowers our human spirit like encountering the Father’s love. This love creates a confidence and assurance within us in the midst of trouble or failure. It becomes an anchor that we can hold on to during those moments we claim not to ‘feel’ or ‘see’ God at all. It reminds us that He is faithful and unfailing. It gives us the tenacity to keep going forward, run to God and not from God, no matter how many times we fail or stumble in our weakness. Today, tell the Holy Spirit to reveal the Father’s love to you. We can only comprehend His love by revelation. Shalom!

Marie K.


This is a song by Group 1 crew that i super love. It’s about the love of God. Here’s the chorus…enjoy

His kind of love (His kind of love)
Is reckless for us
His kind of love will never give up
‘Til the whole world knows how far He went to show
His kind of love….


Why REcharge?

Almost all technological devises used today, e.g a cell phone or laptop, have an in-built battery that requires recharging. Most of these devices run less than 24-hours before the battery is charged once again. Keeping this in-built battery charged is not something you do just once and forget about it. It is something you do constantly because, as long as the cell phone or laptop has power, it is very useful…you know that very well right?

Well, the life of a rechargeable cell phone is similar to the life of a believer connected to God. However, the best thing in this analogy is that the believer’s source of power is GREATER! It is not rationed unlike electric power. God, who is our source of power, DOES NOT run short of supply.

Jesus knew the secret of Recharge. He knew that His assignment could only be accomplished by recharging His “spiritual batteries”. In fact, unlike many of us (you know that excuse you give for not waking up early to pray…yes, that one!), Jesus was a morning and evening person who often went to solitary places to PRAY! (Mark 1:35, Luke6:12). There was no other way for Him to find spiritual strength to do His Father’s will but by REcharging; spending each day talking with His father. As a result, did Peter manage to stop Him from facing the cross (he tried twice…)? NO! Did the devil sidetrack Him from His assignment during that time in the wilderness? NO! Did death hold Him down? NO! Did He triumph over death! YES. He finally faced the cross, which He greatly despised by RECHARGING!



By now I know you have an idea of what REcharge is all about. It is about removing oppressive dejection and hopelessness of the spirit and mind, by finding daily nourishment and strength in the Word. This is the ONLY way in which our “spiritual batteries” or our spirit, will not lose charge faster than the generic ones. Otherwise, there may come a time when you will need greater spiritual power of faith or revelation and you won’t have it because the “batteries” are dead. So, renew that little strength you’ve got left, for by the scent of water (the Word) you will come to life, bud and grow like a seedling.
God Bless.
Marie K.


Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys

Have we met yet? My name is Marie, my Heavenly Father calls me the apple of His eye. I’m that treasured 😉

I never thought I would be doing this any time soon. I keep pushing the idea of creating a blog off my mind countless times. After much conviction on the need to reach in to reach out via a blog and pressure from a friend (James Wetu), the Joshua and Caleb spirit finally kicked in 🙂 (Numbers 14:6-8). Also, last month I celebrated my birthday and decided i should try something new this year. I then figured I should take up this challenge. Here I am! 😉 I call it ‘Metamorphoo’ (metamorphosis).

As I embark on this journey, I plan to share whatever the Lord lays in my Spirit; His word, a song, a thought, an impression…name them. I know i have the heavenly backup, and the Holy Spirit abiding in me will guide me and teach me what to say. The Lord will put His words in my mouth and i will declare it without compromising the Truth of the Word

For He has given me a mouth and wisdom, which none of my adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict (Luke 21:15).

Welcome to my site.